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Our approach:

Our approach to allegations of child abuse is based on a nationwide model of child advocacy centers.  We are accredited by the National Children's Alliance and believe that the child advocacy center model of bringing multiple agencies together to collaborate during child abuse investigations results in the most effective, efficient and child-focused response to these traumatic situations. 


Our mission:

The mission of the CAC is to reduce the traumatic effects of abuse; protect children from maltreatment; investigate abuse as a team; and strengthen our community's ability to nurture children while keeping the comfort and safety of the child as our first priority.




Who we are: 

The Children's Advocacy Center, Inc. (CAC) is a neutral, child-focused setting where children can be interviewed when there has been an allegation of child abuse; specifically child sexual abuse, but also severe physical abuse and instances where a child may have witnessed a violent act.


The CAC addresses child abuse in collaboration with the following: 


  • Kansas Department for Children & Families (DCF)

  • Pittsburg Police Department

  • Crawford County Sheriff's Department

  • Crawford County Attorney's Office

  • Via-Christi Health

  • Community Mental Health Center of Crawford County

  • Kansas Bureau of Investigation

  • Cherokee County Sheriff's Department

  • Cherokee County Attorney's Office

  • Spring River Mental Health & Wellness


Our goal:

Our goal is to reduce the trauma associated with abuse investigations and ensure the health, safety, and well-being of abused children.


What we do:

The CAC is the only non-profit in a seven-county area that coordinates the efforts of law enforcement, protective services, medical and mental health providers, and family advocates during investigations of child sexual abuse. The CAC provides children with a safe place to share their story in their own words with experts who will listen to them, protect them, and help them heal. 


Our staff coordinates a family's visit to the CAC, provides support before, during, and following a child's interview, completes referrals for critical services such as counseling and medical exams, conducts forensic interviews, and provides community education and prevention resources.




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