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Child Abuse Prevention Programs

Darkness 2 Light - Stewards of Children

Stewards of Children is an evidence-based, third party evaluated child sexual abuse prevention training available. In 2007, Stewards of Children was awarded the Crime Prevention Program of the year by the National Crime Prevention Council. This training utilizes survivors of child sexual abuse as well as professionals that work within the field to increase participant’s knowledge on the issue and help change child protective behaviors.  

**This training is pre-approved for continuing education credits for social workers, nurses, and early childhood providers.**

A New Approach to Protecting Children:
Advice from Child Molesters

A New Approach to Protecting Children: Advice from Child Molesters is a program adopted from the Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon. This training uses information gained from  working directly with those convicted of child sex crimes and sentenced to a behavioral treatment program. Participants of this training will receive an in-depth knowledge on grooming behaviors of child sex abusers.

Mandated Reporter Training

This training is available to any agency or organization that employs mandated reporters. New employees will learn the requirements of being a mandated reporters while we remind those that have been in the field for many years.

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