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Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors:

Brian Lorimer - President

Steve Rosebrough- Vice President

Sgt. Det. Rebekah Lynch- Past President

Tracy Faucett, Life Member

Ron Marrone, Life Member

Mike Willis, Life Member

Cheryle Moore

Dr. Mindi Garner

Tina Wilde

Det. Chris Hall

Jessica Cobb

Shelby Cannon

Teresa Wallen

Tori Edge

Cayley Bole

Theresa Vanbecelaere

Kaitlynn Robinson

Beth Foster

Angela Karlinger

Emeritus Members

Bill Coleman 2000-12

Chief Mendy Hulvey

Paul Mendicki

Cindy Minelli

Roberta McNay 2000-11

Jack Overman 2000-18

Nazar Saman

Judy Westhoff

**The CAC actively seeks to recruit, hire and retain staff, volunteers and board members that reflect the demographics of the community and the clientele we serve. We believe this is critical to achieving an overall response to children and families that is inclusive, relevant and effective.**

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